Facebook 5 Star Review

Jen V.

from the very beginning, we have loved CBD. Karen came out to walk us through the design process, and she made us feel like she was excited as we were to watch everything come together. having a custom closet is a big deal, and she wanted to make sure it was correct and we’d be happy with it. we leaned on her expertise and experience, and i’m so glad we did!! the process was simple. the numbers were straightforward and reasonable, and the people who work at CBD have been phenomenal. (Karen, Aly, Jerry and Sydney... i’m looking at you!) we needed to change a couple of things - no big deal. we wanted decorative drawer facings - not a problem. Aly made sure everything happened in a timely manner, we set our install date, and sure enough, Jerry showed up on time to install our closet. he was neat, clean, kind, energetic and engaged my children. the closet was installed without a hitch, he made sure we were pleased, he cleaned up and took off. our closet now is nothing short of fantastic - and we only did one half of it!! (we have an odd-shaped but very large walk-in.) we wanted to order a few more shelves after the install, and Sydney made absolutely sure that happened - and the same day! what a great team! while nobody LOVES spending lots of money on things, this is something that is completely worth it for better function, organization and flow. for a wife and mama with 2 young babies and a penchant for storage and organization, this is going to be wonderful!! THANK YOU, Closets by Design! we’re looking forward to working with y’all again!